Personal Pet Peeves – Michael Dennis, CBF

Pet Peeves
Pet Peeves

These are a few of my (least) favorite things:

  • Too many meetings lasting too long with too many attendees talking too long about too many things that are not relevant to the meeting agenda
  • Along the same lines, attendees who prolong meetings by asking one or a series of inane questions
  •  Anyone who tells me there is “no region like this region” or “no customer like this customer” or “no request for an exception to your standard policies and procedures like this request”
  • Other departments that are willing to save time by doing their work in such a way that it wastes our department’s time having to clean up their mistakes. Hint:  Order entry
  • Anyone who does not spend most of their time on issues that have the highest impact
  • Along the same lines, anyone who allows their inbound email to dictate their work and their priorities
  • Credit decision-making by committee.  Hint:  Eventually, one person is ultimately responsible for each decision, and if for whatever reason two or more people are assigned to make a credit decision, in reality, neither one is responsible for that decision or its outcome
  • Credit department members who are supposed to be responsible for specific decisions or specific activities but are not held accountable.  Hint:  The credit manager is ultimately responsible for whatever happens in the department, but individuals delegated certain tasks must be made accountable for their successful completion.
  • Double negatives in business correspondence or conversations.  Example:  I cannot say that I do not disagree with your comments.
  • Also, any correspondence in which the sender does not know the difference between its or it’s and between they’re, their, and there.  And also, any use of Emoticons in business correspondence
  • People who don’t cover their mouths when they sneeze
  • Also, people who do cover their mouths when they sneeze… with their hand or their hands
  • And people who treat their pets better than they treat most people… as well as people who treat their kids like pets
Michael Dennis, MBA, CBF, LCM
Michael Dennis, MBA, CBF, LCM

What are your Personal Pet Peeves?

By: Michael C. Dennis. Michael is the co-author of the Encyclopedia of Credit. Please visit

4 Replies to “Personal Pet Peeves – Michael Dennis, CBF”

  1. Well, you’ve finally cracked Michael. It was inevitable. We were worried about you.

    Its about time and their were rumors to the contrary 🙂 … but it turns out that you do have a sense of humor after all.

    And it only took me 17 years to find it !!

    All the best,


    1. Entertaining article! Michael, kindly overlook the other reply’s emoticon and usage of the word “their.” Otherwise you very well might crack.

  2. THIS is not work related ! THIS has nothing to do with business to business credit and collection !!

    IN my opinion, think this was a great idea and fun to read !!!

    Thank you.


  3. By the time I got to point #4, I burst out laughing….

    which is probably someone elses pet peeve, people who suddenly laugh out loud for an unknown reason

    Thanks Michael, I always enjoy your sense of humor and point of view

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