CMA Poll – Have you ever had a customer cross out Terms & Conditions on your credit application?

Now this is overkill!
Now this is overkill!

Have you ever had a customer cross out Terms & Conditions on your credit application?

  • Tammy Adams  Incomplete, unsigned or altered Credit Applications are not accepted for consideration of open account terms. This information is clearly communicated at the time a Credit Application is emailed, faxed or personally handed to a ‘prospective’ new account.
  • John Lysdahl  We do not accept a credit application that has any such type of change made by the customer (potential customer).
  • Mike Puccinelli  Every customer signs a MSA contract and all Ts and Cs Re in the contract. No business can be conducted without a signed contract and signed sales orders.
  • Yvonne G. Our credit application is written and reviewed by our legal dept thus allowing any changes to the terms and conditions will undermines the intent of the credit application which is to protect the company. The only change or cross outs we allow and its on a case by case basis is the personal guarantee. Otherwise the customer is advised the cross outs and/or changes to the verbage is not acceptable.
  • Nina There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all contract, so we’re willing to take a look at the changes they request. We’ll review the changes, and decide whether we’re willing to accept the adjusted risk. Most of the time, we won’t lend on the altered terms and contact the customer to let them know we can’t lend to them under those terms. That usually opens up the discussion to where we either come to a mutually acceptable agreement, or they decide to do business with us on a COD account instead.
  • Robert Simmons On the rare occasion a customer has elected to dictate our terms and/or conditions of sale by crossing out or changing the wording, I have advised sales the credit application is unacceptable and will be unable to establish an account. Credit would need a new application, unchanged, to restart the process. Very few resubmit a unchanged credit application. Only once has management over written my position and after a couple of years with this customer, management finally understood why I took the position I took and wrote off a 5 figure dispute, partly based on the changes in the credit application. Expensive lesson.
  • DMarc We review this carefully and there are only a few items we will allow to be crossed off, otherwise we view it as a possible red flag about the future relationship. If they cross off important items we don’t set up an individual account for them, they can purchase on the generic cash/credit card account & be taxed instead. Sr Mgmt can make a business decision to allow an override on the important items but they rarely make an exception. Would a bank or finance company allow it…
  • Dianne Talbert In addition to crossing out the terms the Credit App will not be signed.
  • Tina Smith  When this does occur, it is best to contact the customer to discuss. Even for minor issues, this helps to build a good relationship and to avoid any future mis-communication.
  • Donna Sweet  We do not accept altered terms and conditions. President/Owner will sometimes accept as a business decision.
  • Julie Ramos I would love to see those same companies try and cross out sections on their credit cards terms.
  • Theresa Golden You can live with some modifications, but there are a few (like modified terms) that you cannot accept.
  • Matt Johnston  We understand that some items can be struck from the application, however some simply cannot.
  • Ron Childs There are a few T&C that we can live without but there are some that will prevent approval of an open account