How I Start My Work Day – Michael Dennis, CBF

Start The Day

I start every day with five to ten outbound phone calls. The reasons for making these calls include:

· Ensuring that problems previously identified have been addressed and resolved
· Thanking customers and salespeople for their assistance
· Requesting help from other employees in addressing open issues
· Following up with customers to make sure documentation sent was (a) received and (b) understood and (c) addressed the specific question or concern
· Asking customers or fellow employees for specific supporting documentation
· Asking for feedback about what I can do to help them avoid recurring problems in the future
· Soliciting feedback… and in particular complaints and concerns about the work done by me or my team
· Requesting a heads-up on any events that will require additional resource allocation by the credit and collection team.

The information exchanged is valuable, but this is only part of the reason for placing these calls. As you know, it is easy for credit department become both insulated and isolated. For the credit department to remain relevant, it cannot operate independently.

One of the easiest ways to stay relevant is to reach out every day to your peers, your customers, and your superiors by phone. Some credit professionals try to build rapport and improve working relationships via email. Email messages are less

Michael Dennis, MBA, CBF, LCM
Michael Dennis, MBA, CBF, LCM

time consuming but also less effective than phone calls in developing or improving personal relationships.

So, how do you start your work day?

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