CMA Instructor of The Year 2013- Paul Beretz

Paul Beretz
Paul Beretz

Paul Beretz was awarded the CMA Instructor of The Year 2013 at CMA’s Annual Meeting on April 11, 2013.

Paul was unable to attend the meeting – but sent us this message.

“It is truly an honor to be selected as “Instructor of the Year” by CMA.

When I look back on my 30 + years as an instructor, I really see my role as a “facilitator” rather than “teacher,” my goal being to expedite learning with and for working adults.

My first teaching experience was an evening credit course for NACM San Francisco, many years ago, while I worked in corporate credit. I’m proud that I have been a part of CMA’s growth in educational offerings to members, especially with the on-line programs initiated over seven years ago. These certificate courses have been greeted with enthusiasm …….. perhaps some in the audience have already completed some of the programs???

Unfortunately, I cannot be present to accept this award, ironically for educational reasons. I am on the faculty of St. Mary’s College in northern CA in the undergraduate and graduate programs of Leadership and Organizational Studies.

As an instructor for working professionals who are either trying to complete their BA or MA at St. Mary’s, I am meeting with a group of my current Masters students today who are in the process of completing their theses and will graduate in May.

Thank you again – to the membership and Board – for this prestigious award which I really value and will proudly display.”

Congratulations to Paul Beretz and thank you for your dedication to CMA and its members.