CMA New Member- IMPCO Automotive

From Their Website:

IMPCO Technologies, Inc. has been in business for over fifty years, opening its first facility in 1958.

At IMPCO, we develop, manufacture and market products that enable internal combustion engines to operate on less expensive, cleaner burning fuel which promotes both energy independence and a cleaner environment.

Our products, and just as important, our integration expertise, enable Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and our distributors to satisfy both customer specifications and government emissions regulations for application in the transportation, industrial, lawn & garden, large stationary, small engine and power generation markets.

In 2009, IMPCO launched the US Automotive  Division in order to   capture and support the growing North American alternative  fuels   market. The Automotive Division continues to forge new    relationships with some of the largest and most influential Original Equipment Manufacturers in the   world.  Our push to encourage legislative changes in Washington DC,  favorable to our  industry, will allow IMPCO Automotive to be positioned   as a true global leader.

We continue to certify many CNG/LPG applications to meet the growing   demand of  fleets and OEM partners. IMPCO Automotive has made the   necessary investments in  technology and capabilities that establish us   as a world leader and a “one-stop  shop” for high volume programs with   OEMs and others. We are ready to become a  much larger part of the   solution in North America for clean technologies that  save our   customers money while reducing emissions and limiting our nation’s    dependence on foreign oil.