CMA New Member- Geobrugg North America LLC

From their website:

Geobrugg Netting Solutions

Geobrugg AG develops and produces netting and mesh made from high-tensile steel wire for technologically mature geohazard solutions, for ground support and open pit mining and security applications which are installed worldwide. Geobrugg AG employs 120 people in Romanshorn.

Geobrugg concentrates on the following two business areas:

Geobrugg Geohazard Solutions

Systems with steel wire netting and mesh protecting from natural hazards, such as rockfall, unstable slopes, landslides, mudflow and snow avalanches.High-tensile steel wire mesh for rockfall protection and rock stabilization in open pit mines as well as ground support in underground mining.

Geobrugg Security Engineering

Special steel wire net and mesh as escape and intrusion protection for penitentiaries, boat barriers for harbor as well as offshore oil and gas production facilities, protection fences for motorsports race circuits, rocket propelled grenades protection for armored vehicles and ships.Special architecture mesh for sports stadiums and parking garages as building facades, stairwells and fall protection. Ball catch fence for sports stadiums. Rollaway fence system for sports stadiums and major events.

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