Sequester, Austerity – I’m Confused – How About You?

April 11, 2013
Money Matters

Every day we hear more economic hardship news. It’s hard to understand, to keep up with and to determine how it might affect your life and your business.

I’m expecting some clarity during Economist Chris Kuehl’s presentation at the CMA Annual Meeting. How about you? Have you reserved your seat for the Annual Meeting on April 11, 2013?

If you have, hopefully you and I will be the ones with the lightbulbs that go off as the economic turmoil starts making more sense.

If you have not reserved, please follow this link to learn more and consider attending. It’s only $69 per person, for CMA Members, and this includes lunch and parking at the Disneyland Hotel.
What do other CMA Members think?

“Chris Kuehl is my daily dose of caffeine. I wake up to his early morning emails from
his daily Business Intelligence Brief. He has inspired me to actually pay attention to the entire world of economics, politics, international barriers, and expectations. His special personal stories are full of humor and provide personal antidotes while keeping his morals intact. He is probably the only economist that will actually keep your attention throughout very intellectual subject matter.” Karen Schmidt – McKesson

“We are very fortunate to be able to have such a renowned speaker and economist as Chris Kuehl at our annual meeting again this year. If you do not follow Chris’s daily briefings or have never had the opportunity to hear him speak, do not miss this opportunity. Those of us who do follow him and have heard him before will not miss the chance to hear him speak again. You will walk away with a much better understanding of what is going on in the world of economics today.” Darrell Horton – Shufflemaster

If your attending on April 11, you’ll get the added bonus of two highly rated speakers – David Osburn and Eddy Sumar.

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