You’re a Warmonger! – Michael Dennis, CBF

Warmonger… really?

I have been called a lot of things. An email I received recently from a division sales manager was the first time I was called a warmonger.   I had to look up the definition.  A warmonger is someone who tries to stir up wars.

I called and asked what he meant when he wrote this.  The divisioin manager told me there was a widespread feeling that I enjoyed conflicts with customers, and that maybe I got a rush when I had to handle disputes between sales and credit, or between credit and an applicant, or between credit and an existing customer.

I told him that he was totally wrong.  I reminded him that no one is thrilled to hear from me or my team.  No one likes to be told that their orders are on hold.  No customer likes to be in a position in which they must make a specific commitment to clear a past due balance.  Also, no one likes to be proven wrong when we document that deductions were taken in error and must be repaid.  No company wants to be told they do not qualify for (a) open account terms or (b) a higher credit limit.

In response to the warmonger comment, I said:  I am not looking for a fight with anyone.  I do not look forward to disagreements. However, I cannot back down just because a customer is disappointed, angry, irate, profane, belligerent, dismissive, demeaning, sarcastic, caustic or

Michael Dennis, MBA, CBF, LCM
Michael Dennis, MBA, CBF, LCM

otherwise unpleasant.  These difficult interactions help limit bad debt losses and reduce serious payment delinquencies.

That’s my opinion.  What is your opinion?

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