CMA New Member- Tortillas Inc.

From their website:

Tortillas Incorporated was originally established in 1979  under the name and doing business as “Los Arcos Tortillas”. We are  the first tortilla factory to ever hit the Great State of Nevada. When at that  time with only a small tortilla machine, that produced about 200 dozen  tortillas per hour and a dream of one day making it big. With very little  capital and this big dream, Founders Mr. Jose Gutierrez and his son, Gus  Gutierrez, wanted to make this business a success. Steadily, sales increased  and business grew. With their skills and his son’s plans the business started  to blossom. When one day in 1984 it all went up in flames. Having trusted  friends and loyal family who worked hard for very little pay the business was  back within months. This time Incorporated and with a new name “Tortillas  Incorporated.”

In 1985, after the fire, we moved into a large manufacturing  plant and warehouse. This of course gave us the room we needed to grow and grew  we did. Tortillas Inc is now the leading supplier and distributor of Mexican  products to retail, foodservice, Hotels Casinos in the State of Nevada  and abroad. Manufacture hundreds of thousands of tortillas a day, and without a  doubt has become a “MEXICAN AND SPECIALTY FOOD EXPERTS.”

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