Group “To Do” List for 2013 – Larry Convoy

Ta-Da! List
Ta-Da! List

Losing 10 pounds, eating healthier, exercising regularly, and learning how to use Excel are just a few things from my 2012 “To Do List” never accomplished that I will definitely make a priority in 2013. Do you have a “To Do List” that has some tasks not completed?  Does taking full advantage of your Industry Credit Group fall into that category?

Here are a few items for your 2013 list.

  1. Give everyone in your credit department access to anscers. It is FREE and you can delegate duties such as posting alerts, answering RFI’s and doing your monthly reporting.
  2. Mark your calendar for the entire year of group meetings. Know instantly and weeks in advance that the office meeting scheduled for the 21st conflicts with your Industry Group Meeting.
  3. Simplify your group tasks; reduce time spent by contributing an A/R file monthly. CMA’s Paul Guillen,, can work with you to make an easy transition.
  4. Commit to bringing in that one industry leader that has not joined the group and whose information would be beneficial to all.
  5. Become a group officer, be a mentor to a new group member or offer to call members not participating. Groups need strong leadership from within to grow and maximize the benefits.
  6. Acknowledge and thank those who report, attend meetings and give of themselves and their credit knowledge freely.
  7. Learn what members have expertise in credit topics and dedicate 15 minutes per meeting to educational discussions.

If on December 31, 2013, you can look back and say that you completed half of the items on your list, you and your group will have had a successful year.

Thank you for your continued support of CMA.


Larry Convoy
Supervisor-Industry Credit Groups