CMA Poll Results – The Value of Monthly Statements

Monthly Statement
Monthly Statement

Rate the value of sending out monthly statements to customers? 193 Total Votes

  • Highly Valuable 43%
  • Valuable 34%
  • Not Valuable 8%
  • We do not send monthly statements 12%
  • Other 3%

Comments from the participants

  • Ben Bahadori

    How do you handle credit card Fees ?

  • Ken Zanolini,CCE, MBA

    Statements are another great collection tool if required by your customers.
    All statements should be emailed if possible in order to save mail time and cost.
    After all everything is about time and money!

  • Bill Curran

    We issue statements to all dealers, unless they specifically request to not receive a statement.
    In our 100 Distribution Centers, we have a high amount of dealers that are ‘statement payers’ and cut a check once a month.
    Our direct accounts and larger distributors accounts usually have better financial systems and pay by invoices.

  • Veronica Wooten

    We send statements monthly according to the type of customer account they are. To the remaining customers we send them out by request.

  • Tammy Adams

    We send statements and invoices to our customers on a monthly basis. Depending on our customer’s preference, their monthly billing statement and invoices are sent via fax, email or USPS. For our customers who wish to receive their invoices on a daily basis, we send those via email or fax (again, according to their preference). We do not send daily invoices via USPS mail. In addition, customers requesting copies of invoices are directed to our website where they can log into their account and print copies of invoices and/or statements.

  • Debra Davis

    We send out weekly, bi-weekly and monthly statements, depending on the type of customer and the terms of sale on the account. We find them to be a good tool for our customer’s to ensure they have not misplaced an invoice. Our invoice copies are left at the time of the delivery.


  • Manuel Gonzales

    Most of our customers pay by invoice and not by statement. My department feels that sending statements is a beneficial method of collecting past due balances and showing customers missed invoices and credits. However, our senior management feels that this is not a good investment in time or resources, even though we’ve shown our DSO has increased since we stopped sending out statements.

  • Ed Roth, CCE

    We only a send statement to our customer who request it. Most of our customers pay by invoice.

  • Tracey Beylerian

    We send statements monthly to all customers as we want them to have an accurate statement of their account including credits that they are entitled to. We generally receive calls asking for copies or clarification.


    Over time, we’ve educated our customers to look for their monthly statement. We are sending more and more invoices by email or automatic fax, but the printed Statement is send by USPS as a safety measure in case some invoices were not received, or were sent to an email address that might not be checked daily.
    When conversing with a customer about their past due balance, reminding them of our Statement is a great response to the “lost invoices” and “I didn’t know how much I owed” comments.

  • Randy Clark

    Depends on whether or not your Customer will pay off of a Statement, or only off of invoices.

  • Angie Knecht

    We do send monthly statements although I notice that many customers don’t open or use them to pay their accounts with.

  • Debbie Polson

    I don’t send statements every month. More like every other month and only to customers that I feel need one. A little reminder that the bills are still unpaid.

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