Quality Wins The Credit Report Battle

Quality Wins!

Quality Wins The Battle

The results are in and Quality of Info beat Quantity of Info by a wide margin – 80% to 20%.

93 participants gave us some reasoning behind their choice forming some of the best feedback on credit reports I have seen in a while.

Here is some reasoning behind choosing Quality:

“Current and up to date information is more valuable than greater quantities of information that may not represent an accurate picture of the company at the present time.”

“I am interested in the information within the same industry I work in. Quality will provide me with just the info that works for my company.”

And some arguments for Quantity:

“Historical data is just as important as current information and that was the standout reason.”

“The more the information, the more you know about the customer overall. Not just a current snapshot in time. They could have seasonal issues that could be reflected in the historical data.”

Many participants had a tough time choosing between the two:

“This was a tough one for me because I can see the merits of both. I chose quality over quantity because feel better about the information contained in the report. Quantity shows trends which is also important.”

You can download all the write in comments by clicking the link below.

Download Credit Report Battle Results (481)

The five winners on the Quality side – chosen at random for a $10 Starbucks giftcard are:

  • Susan Powers, Foxy Produce
  • Doreen Sugihto, Birkenstock, USA
  • Roger Fritzlar, Ottobock
  • Edwina Bustamante, Active Sales
  • Dawn Durbin, AV Net

Thanks to everyone who participated! Watch for our next Credit Report Battle coming soon.

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