The Encyclopedia of Credit: 1800 Essays and Counting

Encyclopedia Of Credit

CMA’s online Encyclopedia of Credit has grown dramatically.  It now contains more than 1,800 essays of interest to credit and collection professionals at every level of experience.  Our goal in creating this online resource was and is to provide information that will help the credit community to be more effective and efficient.  Other goals include providing an online training resource that addresses many of the more common question and problems facing our members.  Another goal was and is to provide guidance and advice that can help reduce payment delinquencies and reduce bad debt write offs.

For anyone who is not aware about the Encyclopedia of Credit, it can be found at this URL: Access and downloads are free.  The entire site is searchable using a standard search function, and you do not need to be a current CMA member to access any part of this one-of-a-kind online resource.

CMA wants to offer a special thank you to one of our members, Michael Dennis.  Michael has authored or edited more than 1,000 pages in the Encyclopedia of Credit.  Michael continues to update existing essays and add new content on a regular basis and we appreciate his efforts to support Credit Managers and the Encyclopedia of Credit.

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