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UT Drivers License – Google Image

One of the primary benefits of membership in an Industry Credit Group is being able to tap into the knowledge, expertise and ingenuity of the other members.  Below you will read about the extra step taken by a member that not only saved her company thousands of dollars but by sharing her method of investigation with the group, saved others from heavy losses. A fake driver’s licenses, an altered credit card with a stolen number are the elements of this scam.

The Set-Up– A phone order for an in-demand product to be delivered to obscure location and paid for by a stolen credit card number.

The Procedure– Send customer Credit Card Authorization form and request copy of driver’s license and front and back of credit card. Customer supplied necessary documents. Card cleared when initially entered.

The Extra Step– To check what a Utah drivers license looks like, the credit manager went to Google images. The first SAMPLE on the page had the same picture, height, weight, date of birth, renewal date as the one presented to her. She did the same for the copy of the American Express card she was sent and the same results, just with some slight alterations (the stolen card number) Google images provided everything needed.

Conclusion– The internet can be a valuable tool to the credit investigator and to those looking to rip you off. By making her group aware of this tool, 12 companies will have reduced the chance of being scammed for thousands of dollars.

Make time at each meeting to have your members discuss the various tools, resources and “tricks of the trade” that they have learned and utilized over the years. Their experiences are priceless.

Larry Convoy

Supervisor-Industry Credit Groups

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