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Monet's Mini Mart and More
Monet’s Mini Mart and More (Photo credit: swanksalot)

Have you ever noticed how many different items are sold in a Mini Market, convenience store, liquor store or gas station?

Food (human and pet), Paper goods, beer, alcohol, candy, fuel, auto products, detergent, milk, dairy, tobacco, to name just a few.

With California bursting with Mom and Pop convenience markets and no resource to clear, alert or share with others potential credit issues, vendors Foster Farms, Wine Warehouse, Jacmar Food Services and 8 other distributors in conjunction with CMA formed the “Mini Market Credit Network.”

Utilizing CMA’s online network services of credit alerts, RFI’s and a monthly conference call, these companies have been able to reduce the risk in selling throughout California with a minimal time and resource commitment.  With limited information available through the traditional credit reporting agencies, this network quickly alerts you of the stores passing NSF checks, those whose credit has been withdrawn, Bankruptcies and change of ownership.  The conference call also allows for discussion of Best Practices in dealing with this unique portion of your A/R

For further information on this network or to join in on the next conference call on August 8th, contact your CMA account executive or call Larry Convoy, ICG Supervisor at 818-972-5323

And for our members in Nevada, how about starting a Mini Market Network for your state?

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