CMA Poll Results – Credit Applications

Do you offer to send credit applications to all new accounts? 

  • Yes, all new accounts are supplied with credit applications 81%
  • No, just those who will buy enough to need credit 11%
  • Other 8%

F. Scott Wilson

If someone comes in for a small amount of product, then they can pay COD. If they buy any larger amounts, all are required to have an application on file, even if they’re COD. The idea is that if we sell something and they bounce a check or something else goes wrong, we want to know who and where they are, and who we can pursue for payment if needed.

  • Kelly 

    We require an application IF the customer is requesting billing terms. However, our customer service department completes a new customer form with the customer if they are phoning in a new order and it is the first time they have ever purchased from us. Note: The entire application process is currently under review with possible updates in the future.

  • Melissa Kobus 

    We require signed terms & conditions on all accounts. The credit application is only required for those accounts requesting open terms. The app includes the T&C’s. We have seperate T&C’s document for COD, credit card, etc accounts.

  • Jeff Childress 

    Customers who want N30 request applications from us. We do not send them out on every new customer. Some customers like to pay cash and I would prefer not talking them into a N30 account

  • Laurel Matthews 

    We we require a credit application from all new customers. If they chose to fully prepay their first order we sometimes forgo the credit application.

  • Debra Davis 

    Our customers are required to complete our Credit Application or our COD Sheet before we will proceed in opening a customer number for them.

  • Deb 

    The application precedes an account in all instances.

  • Arrel E Tucker 

    I want apps on every new acocunt. Sometimes I get overruled by the owner but not very often.

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