Is your Credit Department still sending and receiving faxes?

Poll Results
  • Stella Chavez – Scanned to email most of my correspondence
  • Gay Bramer – If we had a scanner (which we’ve begged for), I would rarely use the fax machine and rely solely on e-mail.
  • Irene  – Most requests for credit references are faxed but other credit issues are emailed and sometimes (rarely) by phone.

  • John Goss – Typically trade reference sending and receiving is all I use the fax machine for. Scanning and e-mailing the same data reduces resources and provides a great electronic copy.

  • Cindy Garcia – We still use fax on releases and credit applications, we have seen an increase in emails but fax is still the main communication choice.

    Ken – Fax usage should cease to exist in 3 more years once email/scaning has fully saturated society. It usually takes 10 years for a product to be used by the masses in their daily routine. Smart phones are the future!

  • Arrel Tucker – I mainly use faxing for getting and giving trade credit references. Most other correspondence is done via email or phone.

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