CMA New Member- Karish Industries Inc.

From their website:

Karish Industries is a distributor whose primary focus is in the Street Lighting, Solar and Wind Power, and now the Fiber Optic Cable markets. Founded in 1993, Karish Industries has slowly but surely developed a strong, loyal customer base due to its product knowledge, timely delivery, fair pricing, and outstanding customer service. We work with customers all across the United States and have vendor relations in numerous product lines, enabling our customers to receive great service and pricing.

At its inception, Karish Industries strictly focused on the Wind Power market. However, today we have expanded into other markets in order to not only diversify the business, but also to be able to capture market share in as many areas as possible. Over the past 4 years, Karish Industries has grown into one of the most successful distributors of Wire & Cable, Wind Power, Traffic, Fiber Optic and Solar parts and components.


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