CMA New Member- Extreme Pressure System

From their website:

In 2002 Extreme Pressure Systems, Inc. introduced their first completely portable surface preparation system. This system utilized up to 40,000 psi of water with simultaneous vacuum recovery.

While many companies try to copy the process, EPS continues to distance themselves from the competition by debuting their 4 th Generation waterblasting system. EPS waterblasting technology was originally designed for the removal of the lead based thermoplastic stripe and paint removal on the California highways and is still in use today!

Motivated through feedback from our customers, in 2006 EPS was transformed into a total surface preparation company – with a goal of having the right tool for each project. We rapidly became 4 companies in one. We now provide waterblasting, shotblasting, grinding, scarifying and scraping.

In 2008 after extensive research and development, EPS introduced their state of the art water recycling system. This system has taken EPS to the forefront of technology once again, allowing us to help our customers be more competitive and be environmentally green.

Today, after many years of development, testing, and learning, Extreme Pressure Systems, Inc. is now the leader in providing the right equipment for our customer’s surface preparation needs.

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