Giving Thanks For Credit Groups – Larry Convoy

Stop me if you have heard this before but “I can’t believe it is already Thanksgiving and that 2011 is almost over”.  I think I can finally throw out all the information I gathered on the effects Y2K is going to have on the business community.

Having just finished welcoming to CMA, 9 new companies and the groups they signed for, it occurred to me how thankful I am that I not only have a job in this economy but work for a company that provides a needed and beneficial service to so many others.

Hearing comments that information picked up at a meeting or through an alert saved a company thousands of dollars actually improves my day. Seeing 100% contributions every month on the past due report from the members of Central Valley Feed and Grain and Wholesale Roofing Groups shows the commitment these members have to their group. Witnessing the dedication of Kathy from Onesource who drives every month from San Diego to the Electric group or Tim Rabbit of Kensington Electronics who actually flies his own plane from Dallas to attend the Electronic Parts meeting every quarter means there is real value in this service. Having Dan Sproat of Wholesale Fuels show up to a meeting during his vacation tells me that Industry Trade Groups(ICG) are more then just a gathering to eat lunch on the company.

We are thankful that your management has made the business decision that membership in a credit group is a valuable resource that they support. We appreciate the effort you make to share your information and knowledge with your peers and the friendships that develop from this service

On behalf of the ICG team, Ana, Morena, Paul and myself, we wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Holidays!

Larry Convoy
ICG Supervisor

P.S.  I will not ruin this message by reminding you to enter alerts, respond to all RFI’s and make sure you contribute to your monthly report during the upcoming holiday season.

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