New anscers web pages for Construction Services 11/01/11

On November 1, 2011 CMA’s Construction Services Department will offer new anscers® web pages for our service users.

Our goal is to make the pages easier to read, easier to use and provide additional features.

You will still access the pages by clicking on the Liens tab in anscers®.

Liens tab on anscers


Your main Forms Filing Requests page will display all requests with the most recent request at the top of the page.

Sort, Filter & Search:
You will be able to sort the display of your requests using the column headings, filter the display of your requests using the status filters at the top of the screen or search for specific requests using the search to the right. (see screenshot below)

Click to enlarge - Main Liens Page

New – Usage Details:
A new feature on this page – Usage Details – will not be made available until the end of November. Once the November 2011 link displays clicking this link will show you the entire usage and billing for the month of November. This is the billing breakdown for the statement sent to you from CMA. Usage Details will be populated at the end of every monthly billing cycle and 12 months of billing data will eventually be available – starting with November 2011.

To see the project details and notices on any project, click on the Project Name.


On the Project Details page you will see all the details of the project, starting with what you supplied and adding what CMA has verified.

Status and History:
If your project has an active notice request in process, the first item you will see on the page is the status of that current request.

Status of a notice

This status will be updated as things change. Once the notice is completed it will move to the History section of the page. All completed notices will be linked to a PDF version of the final notice for your records. This is a new feature, and a popular request among our current customers.

Click to enlarge - Project Details Page

As CMA staff enter comments on your project (verification updates, problems, re-mails etc.) they will be visible at the top of the project details page – including the date and who is commenting.

Request Action:
Throughout the payment cycle of a project you may need to request more than one type of notice. Once your project is in anscers requesting a new notice is as simple as clicking the requested action and supplying any further information required. Your new notice request will be trackable on the project page in the Status and History area.

Print Progress Release Forms (FREE):
As payments are remitted on your project, use one of the four Progress Release forms provided to update your customer. Each time you create a progress release a PDF version of the final form will be available in the History section.


CMA has added several new features to the entry screens for notice requests. Now that we can file Mechanics Liens in all 50 states you have the ability to choose any available notice when submitting your request.

Types of forms filings - click to enlarge

On the customer and contractor fields an automatic search starts once you enter the name.

Auto search in action - click to enlarge

On all address fields we ask the zip code first, then the city and state, because anscers will automatically add the city and state with data provided by the US Postal Service. This is for your convenience, but you can easily overwrite this data if you do not believe it is correct.

The new entry screen also gives you the ability to add multiple contractors, owners and bonding companies to a project.

Very important: The new anscers® web pages have undergone significant testing before being made available to our customers, however, we acknowledge that you may temporarily encounter usability issues that were unanticipated. If you have any difficulty using the new anscers®  CFFS web pages, or you just have some suggestions, please call CMA’s Construction Services Department at 800-841-5793 and we will be happy to assist you.

We appreciate your business and your support of our efforts to continually improve your experience with CMA.