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Behind The Curtain

For the first time in a long time, I will not be attending the upcoming Western Regional Credit Conference (WRCC) due to a prior business commitment that I could not miss and could not delegate to anyone else.  As a presenter at more than ten WRCC meetings, my perspective on credit Conferences is a bit different from most attendees because I have had the opportunity look behind the curtains into the planning process.

What most attendees do not see is the months of work that go into the Conference.  Instructors are selected for their subject matter expertise as well as their presentation and interpersonal skills.  Educational programs are carefully selected to ensure that there are opportunities for participants that are fairly new to the credit profession, as well as programs for seasoned professionals.


Attending the WRCC is an investment in your future.  Attendees should listen for ideas, tools, tips and techniques that can be implemented as soon as they return to work.  The goal in planning the WRCC is to offer programs that will make participants more effective and more efficient.


I like to explain it this way:   If you attend a Conference and learn something that makes you only 5% more efficient and you work 50 hours a week, you’ll save 10 hours a month!   Not good enough?  OK, if you have a staff of 3 people and share this idea with them, the department will save 40 hours a month!!


The same concept applies to the risk management, collection management and deduction management educational programs.  Applying what you learn will improve your effectiveness and efficiency, reducing risk and lowering delinquencies.  Any credit professional that accomplishes this makes themselves more valuable and less disposable to their employer.
Michael Dennis, CBF

To find out more about this years WRCC click through to nacmwrcc.com.  

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  1. The more senior you become, the more important it becomes to learn better ways to manage credit risk. I believe this is the biggest benefit of continuing professional education.

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