NACM National Trade Credit Report – Now Available on

40 NACM Locations

What’s the result of combining trade data from 40 NACM locations?

7 million tradelines and one strong report – the NACM National Trade Credit Report.

CMA Members receive 15 FREE NACM reports per year! Now available on

NACM National Trade Credit Reports combines the data from 40 different NACM locations into one report. Companies that are members of NACM and report trade data, are companies like yours who understand the value of relevant trade data from other suppliers. Download the NACM Report Fact Sheet (212)

Data from 40 NACM Locations

The NACM National Trade Credit Report fills the gap of missing supplier data on traditional credit reports. At $14.95 per report for CMA Members (find out about becoming a CMA Member) you will receive relevant data at a great price. CMA Members who contribute their full Accounts Receivable data monthly pay only $9.95 per report. Find out more details about the report here.

CMA Members can start accessing their 15 FREE Reports today on under the Reports tab.

anscers Reports Tab - click to enlarge

anscers will keep track of your FREE report usage and display your current tally on the upper right of the Reports tab screen. CMA Members’ FREE report count will reset on their renewal month, providing each member company 15 FREE reports each membership year (a savings of $224 per year).

Free Report Usage

You told us that trade payment data is the most valuable information on a credit report. We listened, and we’re delivering over 7 million relevant tradelines to you.

You told us that you need data from small and medium-sized entities not typically reported. We listened, and you’ll see data contributed by over 10,000 NACM Credit Group members.

Through advances in technology and data sharing among 40 different NACM locations, NACM Affiliates bring all of your reported data together in one report.

Fresh, robust, timely data from your trusted partner: NACM.

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