CMA Poll Results – When do you send to collections?

The results of the June 2011 CMA Poll regarding Collections are in. We had 436 total votes.

When do you consider sending a customer to collections? (check all that apply)

  • 37% – When they stop communicating with me.
  • 23% – When they are WAY beyond the term granted.
  • 20% – When they have broken promises.
  • 13% – When they are paying other but not my company.
  • 5% – Other
  • 2% – When they are just beyond the terms granted.

In the other responses there were many write-ins for all of the above and a combination of reasons.

2 comments were made on the survey:

  • Lorna O’Cana  We always manage to collect our debts, unless the customer files for bankruptcy protection.

  • Elva Lopez – 5 weeks ago We send out a final notice prior to sending to collections.

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