CMA Board Retreat – Behind The Scenes

Last week CMA held our CMA Board Retreat. The Board Retreat is a two day off-site planning meeting. We address strategic goals for the upcoming year and “big ideas” for CMA’s future.

Previous Board Retreats have resulted in the Encyclopedia of Credit, and RFI Service expansion. This years ideas were bigger and brighter than ever. Our next step is to flesh out these ideas in Committee and then move forward with implementing those that will benefit members the most.

If you are interested in serving on any of the following Committees please contact Diana Escobar at

  • Future Business Credit Leaders
  • Membership & Retention

Here are some pictures of the Board in action at the CMA Board Retreat.

Roundtable discussion
Baby Picture Introductions (FUN!)
Breakout Session
Battling it out in CMA Jeapordy! Game
Winners of the facebook post challenge

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