CMA Volunteer of the Year – Michael Dennis, CBF

Presented at CMA’s Annual Meeting by Michael Puccinelli, CCE (watch on youtube)

Michael Dennis receiving Volunteer Award

CMA is a nonprofit association that continues to rely heavily upon volunteer efforts, including leadership service in credit groups, Boards of Governors, the Board of Directors, a variety of task forces and committees, knowledge sharing, networking, and content development. This year, the Honors and Awards Committee would like to recognize an individual who has given generously of his time and expertise in the field of credit management for benefit of CMA and its members for many years. Among the highlights of his contributions:

  • He was a CMA Director in 2008.
  • He has been a key contributor to the CMA Community online with more than 1,000 posts.
  • He has been a key contributor to the Encyclopedia of Credit with more than 500 postings since the website was created in 2001. Most recently, he has authored 40 new pages and has posted almost 1400 updates to existing pages.
  • He has been a frequent contributor to CMA’s Group on the social media site LinkedIn, posting valuable advice and has helped with job referrals.

In short, he has established himself as one of the best-known and highly-regarded knowledge leaders within CMA’s membership and at a national level, all on a volunteer basis. I am pleased to award the Volunteer of the Year 2011 to Michael C. Dennis, CBF, Senior Manager of Finance at Seagate Technology.

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