Adding an RFI to the Meeting Review

For our 22 Groups that use the Meeting Review report. Here is a short tutorial on adding an RFI to the Meeting Review so that you can review the account at the next meeting.

It starts with making your reservation for the meeting on the Group home page.

Group Home Page - Make RSVP

When you click RSVP for Meeting a smaller window will open. Click the circle in front of Reserve then click Submit your reservation.


Back on the Group home page your RSVP button will now read Select RFI’s for Meeting Review.

RSVP button changes to Select RFIs

Click Select RFIs for Meeting Review to see a list of all the RFIs entered since your last meeting and select those you want to review at the upcoming meeting.

Select RFIs for Meeting Review

Even if the RFI has expired you can select it for review at the next Meeting. You will also have an opportunity to add or update your trade information on the RFIs selected for Meeting Review using the RFI tab.

RFI Tab - Meeting Review RFIs

On your RFI tab you will see a new display choice to the right called Meeting Review RFIs. Click this choice to see all the RFIs that have been selected for Meeting Review. Click on the add or edit response link to report your latest information on these Meeting Review RFIs.

About two (2) days before the meeting, CMA will finalize the Meeting Review Report and make it available for download from the Group Home Page. When the report is ready the “Report Available” link will be blue and clickable.

Report Available link

These changes are live on today for the 22 groups that use Meeting Review (formerly Group Report). If you do not see the choices mentioned, than your group does not use Meeting Review – please contact your Group Secretary if you are interested in adding Meeting Review to your Group.


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