CMA New Member- Valley Slurry Seal Co.

From their website:

Road Maintenance is an increasingly important industry that spans a world-wide market.  Awareness of the need for a stable and sustainable International Infrastructure, maintenance and creative rural road technologies are taking a stronger role as viable sources for a cost- effective means of preserving, developing and prolonging the life of  roads without high-dollar re-construction. Agencies and local governments are utilizing preservation techniques more often in order to increase safety of the roads and to cut costs during trying economic times.

The VSS name is recognized around the world.  Through participation in international and regional conferences, agencies, contractors and engineers have come to know the value added provided by VSS.  With over 60 years of experience in the construction industry, Valley Slurry Seal Co. stays forefront of developing techniques, asphalt technology, and equipment manufacturing.  Valley Slurry Seal Co. is now one of the leading companies in road construction and maintenance.  From that success and ingenuity, sister companies, VSS Emultech and VSS Macropaver have blossomed as a prime material provider in asphalt emulsion and application technology and as a premier road maintenance and construction equipment manufacturer. 

VSS is a one-stop solution for all road maintenance needs.  With the knowledge and technology available with our Companies, VSS can provide education, technology, design, equipment and construction in all aspects of the road maintenance industry.

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