Group Report Evolves On May 2, 2011

Increased adoption of the anscers RFI process has changed the way groups use their Group Report.

To support this evolution, CMA has simplified the Group Report using a 99% RFI solution. If you understand the RFI process (submitting and responding to RFIs) you will easily adapt to the new Group Report process – now called Meeting Review.

Flow Chart - Click to Enlarge


Here is how it will work (see Meeting Review Process Chart above):

  • Group members submit RFI’s as they need the information.
  • Once you make a reservation for the upcoming meeting you will be able to select any RFI submitted (since the last meeting) for meeting review. Selecting an RFI adds it to the Meeting Review Report.
  • If you have been submitting and responding to RFI’s as they happen then you are set for the Meeting Review. View the Meeting Review RFI’s from the RFI tab to add/edit your RFI responses.

On May 2, 2011 the evolution of the Group Report into the Meeting Review will be live on This change comes with some new rules:

  • All accounts selected for meeting review must start as an RFI.
  • Make your meeting reservation on anscers on the Group tab. CMA will no longer send fax or email reservation forms.
  • Only members who reserve for the meeting will be allowed to select RFIs for meeting review.

The evolution into Meeting Review relies on group members use of the anscers RFI process. For many group members this will not be a big change since they use the RFI process on a daily or weekly basis. For others it will take time to adapt and we ask for your patience and encouragement to help the whole group benefit from these changes.

CMA will be sponsoring training webinars on the Meeting Review process throughout the month of May. Watch for further information on training times. You can also contact Customer Support during business hours at 800-541-2622 option 6 for a personal training.