2011 CMA Credit Executive of the Year

Presented by Michael Puccinelli, CCE (watch on youtube)

Michael Puccinelli CCE (left) - Roger Slaboch, CCE

CMA is celebrating 26 years of awarding the Credit Executive of the Year to an individual who demonstrates outstanding performance in the field of business credit management. Nominees for the award are considered on the basis of professional experience, education, leadership ability and participation in CMA committees and activities. The winner is carefully selected by a group of your peers, including former recipients of the award.

The nominees considered for this year’s award are:

      • Lee Clutter, CBA
      • Michael Dennis, CBF
      • Robert Simmons, CCE
      • Roger Slaboch, CCE
      • Ken Zanolini, CCE

We feel that it is a great accomplishment just to be nominated for this award, and so each of the nominees will receive a Certificate of Excellence in appreciation for all they do for the profession and for the Association.

The winner of the award will be presented with a separate plaque, and will be recognized on CMA’s website and in NACM Business Credit Magazine. A congratulatory letter will be sent to the management of his company, and this individual will be nominated by CMA as its official candidate for the O.D. Glaus Credit Executive of Distinction for 2012, which is NACM National’s Credit Executive of the Year Award.

The individual who was selected to receive this award has held management and director level positions for 33 of his 36 years in business credit. This individual earned the CCE professional designation in 2002, which he says has helped keep him at the forefront of the changing credit and collection environment, and has been a great asset in his career.

In addition to earning his CCE, this individual has shown his dedication to continuous education by attending nearly 100 continuing education courses and all of the NACM Credit Congresses in the last 11 years.

This individual has served his Hardware, Millwork and Glass Industry Credit Group as the Chair or Vice Chair since 2007. Through his leadership, he has proven himself a faithful and enthusiastic supporter of CMA and NACM, and continuously seeks new members for his credit group, encouraging participation, involvement and growth.

The impact of nearly four decades of credit experience, acquired knowledge, and leadership in the credit community is summed up in a letter of recommendation from the President of his company.

“Since he started working here in 2005, he has been instrumental in completely turning around an adversarial relationship between the credit department and our customers and employees. In fact, we are now receiving thank you letters from our customers for helping them survive the recession. His staff loves working for him. He is a great coach and advisor. He is respected by his coworkers and in particular is trusted and liked by the sales staff, which says a lot. He has turned a department that had once been considered a ‘necessary evil’ into an integral, vital, valuable, and helpful division of the company. I have never given a higher recommendation to anyone and cannot imagine anyone more deserving than Roger for the CMA Credit Executive of the Year.”

Now that I have given it away, please join me in congratulating Roger Slaboch, CCE of American Building Supply, for being the 2011 CMA Credit Executive of the Year.


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  1. Congratulations Roger! You certainly deserve this distinguished award!! I have always admired you professionally, as well as personally!

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