April 2011 Group Newsletter

Most months, I spend hours agonizing as to what to write about in this newsletter. This month, the article wrote itself due to a challenge I made to a group member who has missed the last several meetings. She claimed her boss wanted her to stay in the office and make collection calls and not “waste” time at a luncheon.

Risking expulsion from the group, the credit manager was allowed to attend the March meeting by her superiors. I suggested that she bring the names of the accounts she would be calling if she was tied to her desk and see if the time spent gathering information at the meeting would be of more value then dialing for dollars. The results are as follows:

Of the 10 names inquired upon, 2 had already been placed for collection by other group members, 1 had a new a/p contact handling payments and 1 store was empty. The other 6 names brought information such as slowing within the industry, change in management and the cell # of the controller. In addition, she learned some new procedures she can implement when selling to businesses in chapter 11

My question to her and what I hope you will ask your group is “What was the best use of the hour and a half”, making blind calls or gathering facts to enable her to make quality calls. Working within the confidentiality restraints, will she explain the value of the group and the meetings to her management? Do you?

The April meeting is next week, I will know the answer then.

Thanks to all of you who have commented on these monthly updates. Please continue to be a leader in your group and call me if I can be of any assistance.


Larry Convoy
Industry Group Supervisor

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