CMA New Member: Huntington Hardware

Huntington Hardware

From their website:

Huntington Hardware Co., Inc. was founded in November 1954 by Andrew Oshay. Andrew immigrated from France in 1948, securing a job with a relative at Acme Hardware in downtown Los Angeles. In 1954, Andrew purchased a small retail hardware store for $11,000 – the price of the inventory. It was located in a 3,000 sq. ft. rented building in downtown Pomona. With himself as his only employee, Andrew opened the doors of Huntington Hardware on the corner of Huntington Street and Holt Ave.

As Huntington grew and more space was required, the business moved to a new, larger building on West Holt Avenue. Since 1960, this location has grown to be close to a city-block in length at 30,000 sq. ft.

During his working life, Andrew most remembers supplying 2,100 housing units at Camp Pendleton Marine Base in 1970. He also supplied the hardware for the personal residence of the King of Thailand. Andrew remained CEO and president until his retirement in 2000.

Andrew was succeeded by his son, Mike, who is currently CEO and president. Currently, Huntington Hardware has 40 team members, representing all walks of life. Included in the staff are two of Andrew’s grandchildren, Andy and Kelly, who are committed to continuing the strong family values into the 3rd generation.

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