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anscers is using a new search technology that will result in more accurate search results. We have updated our search screens in RFI, RFI Reference List, Alerts, anscers Business Credit Reports and Group – Past Due Report.

If it is available, additional data will also display in the search results for RFI, Alerts and anscers Business Credit Reports. This data is: address line 2, DBA, phone and owner/principal.

Search Results Display

Displaying this data will help anscers users find the right subjects and help to reduce duplicate entries.

On the RFI and Alert main pages these additional data elements will also be displayed. Several anscers users had requested this data since they can find better matches, in their own AR, if they know the owner name and the phone number.

Additional Info on RFI and Alerts Pages

To help add this additional data to current companies in the anscers database – simply click on the company name (in blue) wherever you see it on anscers. This will open Company Edit and allow you to add or edit data on the company.

Company Edit Screen

We hope you enjoy the new search on anscers. If you have any trouble click the help button on the top of any page and we will get back to you ASAP.

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