CMA New Member- Fresh Grill LLC

From their website:

At Fresh Grill, our industry leading quality and safety practices assure that every delicious vegetable shipped is top quality, pathogen free and ready to serve with pride. Every product is rigorously quality tested to the microbial level and a “Certificate of Analysis” is validation that each lot of each production run has passed this rigorous scientific testing procedure.

Our proprietary even roasting and flash freezing technology assures that every piece of our product yields up to 50% more than traditional frozen vegetables by eliminating virtually all excess moisture. This means that both you and your customers get what you pay for – the highest quality, useable grilled vegetables possible – not water. Our unique process ensures that each piece of product is individually packaged, dramatically eliminating waste, and our long term sourcing and purchasing agreements ensure a consistent supply of the best “Supreme Core IQF” Roasted and Grilled Vegetables at very competitive prices year round.

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