Karen Schmidt

by: Karen Schmidt – CMA Board Chairman

The Western Region Credit Conference is behind us but certainly not forgotten.  I gained some powerful tools for my life and career.   I’m sure from the feedback and networking that every attendee feels they are a better person and credit professional.  It was a win, win with the educational value that was offered.   Although we experienced some interruption with a crazy power failure, don’t forget to makeup those classes.  You should have received an email from Debbie Mendoza to sign up for those upcoming Webinars.

As the host, and largest NACM affiliate, CMA’s staff did an outstanding job managing the events; Opening, Educational Sessions, Luncheon, Vendor Exhibits, and….Thursday Night Live will go down in history as a production, dinner and dance that will never be forgotten.  Thank you to all the staff for a conference that indeed inspired “CREDIT RISING” with the experiences and education gained by all.

The Thanksgiving Holiday is now upon us, and soon to follow, the December Holiday season.  Please join us at the CMA Holiday Networking Event on December 9th. This opportunity to celebrate and network with other association members should not be missed.  If you have not signed up yet you may contact Pat Garcia at (818)9725300-117 or Email: RSVP For CMA So Cal Holiday Networking Event (751)

In the spirit of the upcoming season I would like to quote our WRCC closing keynote speaker, Debbie Lundberg, from one of her 10 strengths of an effective leader.  I think her words empower us to make the very best of our CMA membership and  credit experiences.


“Being selfish enough to want the best and selfless enough to let others be a part of it. Knowing there is not just one leader, regardless of titles, and that results, victories and overall success in an effort of more than one. Sharing the opportunities and sharing of yourself by giving back in ways that work for you!”