Take Control of Internet Explorer Toolbars

Nothing eats up your screen real estate more than adding toolbars to Internet Explorer. During tech support calls we have seen screens with a small 3 to 4 inch scrolling window. All the other space is taken up by the multitude of toolbars that come with Explorer or add to Explorer. There is one for Bing, one for Google, one for Yahoo, antivirus programs have them etc. etc.

Most are not necessary for display or installation. All, shrink your available workspace decreasing your productivity.

For example, here is my screen with all my available toolbars enabled. The extra toolbars take up about an inch of my screen and install conflicting pop-up blockers and security features on top of what is already provided by Explorer.

Screen with Bing and Google toolbar

To turn these toolbars off, go to Tools – Toolbars – and de-select toolbars you do not want to display. I removed everything but the Menu Bar and the Command Bar.

Turn Toolbars OFF

Now my screen looks like this:

Toolbars removed

I gained an extra inch of productivity space and deleted conflicting security and pop up programs.

Toolbars are a marketing tool for software companies. Unless you have a 24 inch screen, toolbars are not worth having on your screen. Almost every feature they provide is already provided in Explorer.

Take some time to free yourself of toolbars and take control of your screen space.