On the Web, You Need More Java

In the last few days we have heard from several members who could not access certain parts of our websites correctly.

We could work the sites in the same web browsers with no problem. This lead to our Java discovery. Not coffee, but a series of scripts that do fancy things on pages like auto update, open smaller windows, update calendars etc.

There are two types of Java  – java programming and java scripting. Java programming results in programs that run inside a browser like financial calculators and Pogo games.

Java scripting is used in sites like anscers.com allows for fancy things to happen on web pages. It is controlled through your browser in the security settings. For Internet Explorer users go to Tools/Internet Options/Security – make sure your levels are Medium to Medium High. If they are Custom double check to make sure Active Scripting in Enabled.

Java Scripts Settings

To see the Java Programming in all its glory you need the latest Java on your system. Web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) come with some Java standard, but websites are depending more on some newer Java code to better the user experience.

To get the latest and most secure Java go to http://java.com.

Download Java TodayClick the big red “Free Java Download” button. The site will read your operating system and suggest the best Java for you to download.

Follow the instructions to install, then restart your browser and see what you may have been missing.

When you download Java in this way it will consistently update itself, keeping your web experience nice and fresh.

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