Credit’s Rising – How About You?

Karen Schmidt

From Karen Schmidt, CMA Board Chairman

Just when we thought we were saying goodbye to summer the weather is really heating up! I hope you have made some great vacation memories, and are now preparing for back to school, and planning for the fall.

Do your October plans include the Western Region Credit Conference in Las Vegas?

If not, the encouragement you need is presented in the exciting video created by Mike Mitchell, President of CMA. Click here to see the video.

We need all the credit professionals we can get to inspire each other and deal with what we all hope to be a recovering economy. The WRCC is the perfect opportunity to network with your fellow members, professionals in the credit and finance arena, and many exceptional educational opportunities.

If you plan quickly you will save $100 by registering before August 31st. If you are still sitting back, unsure of what to do, take a look at the Phoenix Bird logo and think of what it stands for. The Credit Rising conference will inspire and raise you up above other credit professionals.

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