Comment code Bankruptcy creates an Alert automatically

In our updates to anscers on August 21, 2010, we added the automatic creation of an Alert when a tradeline comment code of Bankruptcy is chosen.

If you enter tradelines in the RFI or Past Due Report process and you select the comment code Bankruptcy from the drop down list anscers will ask you for a Bankruptcy number. To abide by Anti-Trust regulations you must have report this number when you report a Bankruptcy.

Tradeline entry screen for RFI

When the tradeline is submitted an Alert on the Bankruptcy will be created. This Alert will automatically be sent to the Industry Credit Groups and Networks you belong too.

Alert Main Page with new Alert

The Alert will appear, along with your tradeline, on the anscers Business Credit Report for that company.

anscers Business Credit Report with Alert

Click on any of the images to see the large version.

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