State of Texas Audits CMA Member for Reseller Certificates

At a recent meeting of CMA’s Western Home Furnishings Credit Group, long-time member Sandberg Furniture informed the group that a tax auditor from the State of Texas was currently on site at Sandberg’s office requesting Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificates (aka Resale Certificates) for all of Sandberg’s Texas customers. According to Sandberg, this is the first time the furniture manufacturer has ever been audited by another state to produce proof of customers’ status as resellers. Texas requires that suppliers get certificates signed by resellers in Texas and must keep original signed certificates on file in order to prove exemption from paying state tax on purchases. Failure to produce signed certificates can result in possible liability for unpaid sales tax that could be billed to suppliers.

CMA is bringing this matter to the attention of all of our members because of its potential to affect any member with customers in the State of Texas. Also, this action suggests that other states may engage in similar audits in an effort to generate additional tax revenue.

I would like to extend CMA’s appreciation to Sandberg Furniture for alerting us to this potentially serious situation, and allowing us to share this information with all of our members so they can be prepared.


Mike Mitchell, CAE
President and CEO