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CMA is preparing for networking and service enhancements with the launch on Monday May 24, 2010 of Company Profile and My Profile on anscers (under My Account).

How does filing out your Company Profile benefit your company?

Knowing more about your company allows CMA to increase data sharing opportunities between your company and others in the same industry, others selling in the same region, others with the same size credit departments and much more.

We picture a future where you can search for companies, to exchange information with, based on the elements in these profiles.

As we learn more about your company, CMA can also become more intelligent in our communications. Sending you only those communications you will benefit from, reducing the clutter in you email, fax and mail.

Company Profile

How does completing My Profile benefit you?

Questions in My Profile are personal and optional. Completing your My Profile data allows CMA to market to you more intelligently.

CMA can also share, with members, the overall tally of this data. What is the male/female ratio of Credit Managers, average age and corresponding titles, creating career benchmarks you can use to evaluate your success.

In the future, we could also make elements of My Profile viewable to other members (right now only you and CMA see My Profile) you exchange data with, so you can learn more about the people at the companies that are in your network.

My Profile

Increase your networking and data exchange power on anscers. Log into anscers on Monday and complete 100% of your Company Profile.