Groups Work Everyday Not Just Meeting Day

Alert Your Group Everyday

Radically increase the value of your CMA Industry Credit Group by using everyday. Submitting and responding to Alerts and RFI’s (request for information), keeps your Group active 30 days a month.

Don’t wait until Meeting Day to share important data or clear new accounts, that’s wasting time and risking money. Work your Group everyday on for maximum value.

Why submit Alerts?

You need to know when Group members take action on a common customer. Submitting Alerts  is a vital component for the success of every Group. Alerts should be entered whenever your customer fails to adhere to payment terms or a situation arises that would affect their ability to pay. Broken promises to bankruptcy, Alert your Group about it.

Why submit RFI’s?

Obtain fresh trade information from sources you trust. anscers RFI is an evolution of the traditional phoning and faxing of credit ratings. Information is supplied faster, it’s collated into an easy to read report, it’s secure, and it takes much less effort to request and respond. By submitting an RFI, you can reach your entire Group and any additional references through one click of the mouse.
Contact Larry Convoy at CMA 818-972-5323, for more information on how to work your Group everyday.

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