CMA Credit Executive of the Year 2010

Michael Puccinelli, CCE

Presented by Pam Faulk-Turnbull, CCE on behalf of Joe Lucas at CMA’s Annual Meeting.

CMA is celebrating 25 years of awarding the Credit Executive of the Year to an individual who demonstrates outstanding performance in the field of business credit management. Nominees for the award are considered on the basis of professional experience, education, leadership ability and participation in CMA committees and activities. The winner is carefully selected by a group of your peers who are former recipients of the award.
The nominees considered for this year’s award are:
·   Pamela Craik, CCE
·   Michael Dennis, CBF
·   Melissa Kobus, CBF
·   Gail Lambries
·   Roger Pettit
·   Michael Puccinelli, CCE

We feel that it is a great accomplishment just to be nominated for this award, and so each of the nominees will receive a plaque in appreciation for all they do for the profession and for the association.
The winner of the award will be presented with a separate plaque, and will be recognized on CMA’s website and in NACM Business Credit Magazine. A congratulatory letter will be sent to the management of his or her company, and this individual will be nominated by CMA as its official candidate for the NACM National Credit Executive of the Year.
The individual who was selected to receive this award has held senior and director level credit management positions since 1980. This individual attended the esteemed Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management at Dartmouth between 2005 and 2006, which helped in earning the CCE professional designation.
But the focus on education did not stop there. In 2008, this individual made good on a personal vision to see that every member of the credit department received NACM certification. To date, the credit department at this individual’s company boasts one CBA and nine CBFs.
This individual has produced process innovations and wrote about them in a co-authored white paper “Re-Engineer Your Cash Flow Cycle with Oracle Credit and Collections Suite – A Case Study.” This individual also worked with CMA’s collection department to pioneer a new outsource demand and collection service called Accel that helped reduce DSO to historic lows for the company.
This individual has volunteered generously to CMA and the credit profession, having taught several courses and given numerous educational presentations, including a presentation at last year’s Western Region Credit Conference entitled, “Measure it, report it, and your results will improve” which focused on benchmarking and using appropriate measures of performance to help manage receivables.
This individual also has served the last three years on CMA’s Board of Directors, challenging the Association’s elected and staff leadership to improve and promote the organization’s value to a broader trade credit community.
And if you haven’t figured it out yet, this individual showed amazing grace on the dance floor at the Western Region conference, and to many is known affectionately as, “Pooch.” I am proud to present the CMA Credit Executive of the Year for 2010 to Michael Puccinelli, CCE of Verisign.

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