CMA New Member- Washoe Building Supply


From their website:

Washoe Building Supply, Inc. offers a diverse product line that can meet the needs of most construction projects. Our product line can be broken into four categories – Roofing Materials, Building Supplies, Waterproofing and Framing Hardware.  We stock a wide variety of brand name products and can special order almost anything.  We have a large fleet of delivery vehicles and have the capability to load roofs up to 65 feet. Our objective is to constantly provide our customers with quality construction materials at the best overall value. We will accomplish this by offering competitive pricing and a level of service superior to the industry at all times. We will provide a healthy and fun atmosphere that promotes the education and development of our employees in order to insure this level of customer service. It is our firm belief that a satisfied customer cannot be bought, they must be earned on a daily basis.

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