Collect on 100% of Your Calls Today!

CMA has spent years researching what makes Collectors successful. We think we have found the secret to collecting on 100% of your calls today, Puppy Powered Collection.

How does Puppy Powered Collection work:

1. Watch the video below as you prepare for your collection calls. This reduces your stress level and keeps your mind nimble for the negotiation to come.

2. Is the call getting rough? Hit play and turn the sound down, so you can absorb Puppy Power during the call. The customer may be difficult, but just look at that puppy roll around.

3. To secure an agreement for full payment – go full screen (the button with four arrows) and immerse yourself in puppy collection energy. Wait a few seconds for the full effect, then ask the customer for full payment.

These Puppy Powered Collection techniques are proven to reduce stress and help you collect on 100% of your calls today, and that’s no April Fools Joke (or is it).