For Best ROI Consider a Credit Group

Over and over again, CMA Group Members tell us the service they are most satisfied with is our Industry Credit Group service.

Sharing information in tight industry segments, these group members have been able to avoid unnecessary risks, and increase their payment schedules.

“According to Credit Today’s most recent benchmarking survey, the average credit department spends $3,600 to participate in their primary credit group and saves $205,000 by avoiding bad debts and slow payments. This means that credit execs are getting a 50-fold return on their investment. Annual savings range as high as $5 million, with many reporting over $1 million. The majority also found credit group information more useful, as well as more economical, than credit bureau reports. The results measured just the savings from participants’ primary credit group.”

It’s time for you to get the same ROI. Review our list of CMA’s Current Groups to find out what groups are available.

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