CMA New Member- Shetakis Wholesalers Inc

From their website:

When Shetakis Wholesalers was reborn in 2000, a new and different distribution alternative was created in Southern Nevada. We believed then, that the market deserved an independent distribution alternative dedicated to providing national branded product, with superior service, and the lowest possible cost.

Shetakis Wholesalers is that alternative. We are a company that is large enough to service your needs, but with the local autonomy to be flexible and to make decisions quickly. We have focused our purchasing resources towards buying from national brand manufacturers that provide the quality and consistency that you need in your food products. We have worked hard to keep distribution costs as low as possible by keeping a lean staff, and using technological solutions to manage our business.

Our senior management team and staff are among the most experienced in the industry. Shetakis Wholesalers in uniquely equipped to handle your distribution needs.

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