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For many years, CMA published a printed, glossy, multipage monthly newsletter. In order to offer information that was more timely, we transitioned to an online monthly newsletter, which eventually became a daily news feed. Currently, we are in our fourth year of offering this CMA Blog (formerly CMA Daily News), and CMA has been at the forefront of offering various ways to connect with the Association and other CMA members through social media like the CMA Community (now in its 9th year!), LinkedIn, Facebook, and most recently, Twitter. You have a lot to say, we have much to tell you, and we try to use a variety of channels to promote communication that will accommodate the great diversity of member businesses and personal preferences. Although many of our members like (or at least are warming up to) these communications channels (which also include email announcements and website updates), many other members have told us that they don’t have the time or the interest to keep in touch with the Association through these newer electronic channels.

Yesterday, we re-introduced a monthly members-only newsletter that I hope will strike a good balance between keeping members informed and communicating with a frequency and format that is manageable. Named “Just the Fa(x)cts,” the mission of this newsletter is to provide members with a quick glance of the important information, events, and special promotions CMA is offering for the month ahead. Most sections of the newsletter will include links to sections of CMA’s websites www.creditmanagementassociation.org and www.anscers.com to get more information or take advantage of special programs and offers.

The format of the newsletter is purposely designed to look simple and clean for maximum readability on a fax page. Why a fax newsletter? Sometimes it’s just nice to have something you can pass around the office and let your coworkers know what’s happening at CMA. It’s new, it’s retro, it’s black & white, it’s brief, it’s only once a month, it’s only for members, and we hope you like it.


Mike Mitchell, CAE
President & CEO

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