CMA New Member- Pact One Solutions

From their website:

We are a collaboration of experienced dental technology companies committed to providing the highest level of service possible, which is sought after and appreciated by dental professionals. When we came together, we knew that the uniquely different and large amount of products becoming available to dentists was becoming an overwhelming production. Very few hardware companies were meeting the demands successfully. Not to mention the “quirks” to merge “old technology” with the new. We recognized the necessity and are committed solely to utilize our resources and knowledge to meet the technological needs of the dental community.

We consider ourselves “dental technology experts”. As such, we have extensive knowledge that only comes by years of experience and specific training, to meet the needs of dental technology. Our sales and technical personnel are cross-trained to support the various practice management software packages and digital imaging selections, including X-ray, microscopes and intraoral cameras, that are found in today’s modern dental office.

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