Create Your Own RFI Reference List

Today, anscers has re-launched a simplified version of our original anscers Network concept called RFI Reference List. We have removed the Network invitation and acceptance portions – and now simply allow every company using anscers to maintain their own RFI Reference List for the easy submission of RFI’s.

References come from many sources: trade references on credit applications, known competitors you currently rate with, companies you would like to rate with – all of these companies and more can be added to your RFI Reference List for easy use during the RFI process. In addition, anscers know tracks how many requests you have made of these references and how many they have responded too.

RFI Reference List and Response/Request Tracking

If you have used the anscers RFI Reference feature in the past it will be very easy to start your RFI Reference List by importing previously used references. Click on the RFI Reference List link at the top right of any anscers page – then click Import RFI References.

Import RFI References screen

To build your RFI Reference List you can add companies on the RFI Reference List page or during Step 3 of the RFI process when you are adding a reference to a specific RFI.

Adding a reference during Step 3

Find out more about the anscers RFI Service and the pricing for the service here.

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